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This utility is available to bring forward a tenant from a prior year that was not brought forward during the close year program.


You may need to do this in two circumstances:

  1. You have a tenant that moved out in the prior year and you want that tenant to be brought into the current year as a moved-out tenant so that you can enter payments, etc.

  2. You added a new tenant into the prior year after you had already closed the year and you want to bring that tenant into the current year as a current tenant.

To perform this operation, click on

 Resurrect in the Utility pull-down.

Select the tenant you wish to resurrect under “Select Tenant” and select the year where the tenant currently exists.

The destination is the new year where you want the tenant to be brought forward.

Click the Resurrect button.

If you have already brought forward a tenant from a prior year using either the resurrect program or the close year program, and you make additional changes to the tenant data in the prior year, you can bring forward these changes from the prior year to the current year using the functions in the Tenant Menu\Tenant Ledger Tab\ Edit Charges Button\Applied Utilities Button.

Here, you can bring forward for each tenant the new starting balance and any changes from the prior year to Legal, Notes, Letters, Persons, and Phone data.

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