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RIS suggested hardware and software specifications

Work Stations

  • Operating System – Windows XP or greater (64 bit or 32 bit). Please note: RIS is a 32 bit application which Windows will detect and run in 32 bit simulation mode.

  • Ram - 2GB of memory is considered a minimum and it is suggested that more ram is better.

  • Hard Drive - Any

  • Microsoft® Office 2000 or greater, Word, Excel, Outlook

  • Anti Virus – Microsoft Security Essentials or Defender as downloaded off the Microsoft web site for free. We suggest that a copy of Malewarebytes also be installed.

Servers for a Server-based system

  • Processor - 2.60 Ghz processor is considered a minimum and it is suggested that more Ghz is better

  • Ram - 2GB of memory is considered a minimum and it is suggested that more ram is better

  • HD - 100GB is standard but RIS needs only a fraction of that.  Note: For a 50 unit property, it is estimated that the data requires only 5 meg per year per property. With all letters and scanned documents, WIA Scanning and Check21, it is estimated that that RIS will require 50 meg per year per property.  Please note that there are 1000 megs in a GIG.

  • Server Software – Windows Server 2000 or greater

  • Switch - 1000Base-T or greater Ethernet

  • All stations must be hard wired to server; no wireless stations; no Mac computers. MAC’s can be used with the RIS Web Version.


  • We recommend Laser Printers only. HP printers are the best; Brother printers also work nicely.

  • Rent Forms with attached envelope requires a fairly straight paper path. Check the specifications of the printer you will use for this feature.

  • Inkjet printers are not supported for printing checks and deposit slips


  • A scanner must be WIA or TWAIN compliant. We recommend WIA because the files are smaller.   Some multi-function printers can be problematic.  Currently we recommend Kodak Scan Mate i1120 or i1150.

Remote access (wireless) is available using any laptop or ipad, and using Microsoft Remote Desktop or LogMeIn (or similar program); laptops and ipads must access free stations in the office.  For IPAD remote access, a free program called “2X Client” works well. VPN is not recommended; instead we recommend using Virtual Terminal Software.

Email.  RIS has a built-in email program to send emails through gmail (and some other providers) and/or Microsoft Outlook®.  RIS is not an email provider or email client and does not receive emails.


Anti-Virus. Norton, Kaspersky, and Avost must be set up to exclude the RIS program and folders. McAfee will not work with RIS as there are no exclusions allowed.


Web Version. RIS offers RIS on the web.  Access to the web is via Remote Desktop.


If you have any questions please contact RIS tech support. (203) 869 – 8954

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