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Microsoft Word 2016 Errors

Microsoft Word does not open word files

If Microsoft Word 2016 does not open word files, the reason is that the new program thinks that all older Word files are dangerous and need to be "protected."

In fact, it is just that Word 2016 will not open older Word files unless you turn off the "protected" mode.

To turn this off in Word 2016, pull down the menu on the left and find Protected View. Click on that and then uncheck all the enable boxes (so that these features are disabled).

This should solve the problem.

Microsoft Word does not close

Your RIS version needs to be updated. The fix for this problem is in Version 18.0083 October 30, 2018 and all subsequent version.

Microsoft Word states Template is locked

Go to Utilities->Utilities-More Utilities and check the box "Microsoft Word Open Bypass"

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