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Click Here to Download TEMPLATE EXCEL Z IMPORT 

Importing  Buildings and Starting Balances into RIS Software


Need to Migrate your old excel based property management system into RIS or just started managing a new property and want to add the tenants, apartments and other important data into RIS property management software. With an existing Excel® spreadsheets you can easily import the data you need into the our system.


To import the data, follow these steps:


  1. Make Sure the existing Excel® spreadsheet follows the correct format and includes all relevant tenants and apartments: See Below


The columns are as follows: -See attached sample

  • Apartment (required)

  • Tenant Name (required)

  • Second tenant name (required)

  • Contact (required)

  • Lease Start Date  (required)

  • Lease End Date (required)

  • Monthly Rent (no $ signs and show cents (.00)) (required)

  • Security Deposit Optional

  • Additional monthly charges each in a separate column; S8, scrie, parking, gas, etc.

  • Additional imports; Phone, email address, alternate address, notes etc


Please Note:

  • Please note that you must use a separate spreadsheet for each property.

  • Your spreadsheet must have APT as the first column

  • Emails are in 1 column separated by A ";"& must be consistent within the column

  • Dates are entered as 00/00/0000

  • No $ Sign Or "," When entering money

  • Make separate columns for additional charges

  • If there are unique addresses within the property use the following column names:  ALTADD1,ALTADD2,ALTADD3

  • If there are unique addresses to send tenant bills to use the following column names: MAIL ADDRESS1,MAIL ADDRESS2,MAIL ADDRESS3

  • Company Information is set up when adding the company

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